About Virginia

Canadian author Virginia Bennett is currently at work on her third novel. Her first novel, EverLast: The EverLasting Trilogy Book One is now available on Amazon.

Beginnings: Virginia Bennett was born in Burnaby, British Columbia but now resides in the prairies of Alberta. When she was a young girl she was always coming up with stories, often writing on whatever she could find including scraps of leftover wallpaper. “I was a creative child with a brain full of ideas that I needed to get out there. I was always trying to find creative ways to do that. One way was to write it all down.”

Early Writings: Virginia began her writing career at a young age. As a young girl she was often found scribbling in her journals or jotting down poetry. Her love of books and stories sparked her passion for the written word. When she wasn’t writing, she usually had her nose in a book. One of her favourite authors when she was young was Frances Hodgson Burnett, but as she grew older she discovered an even greater world of writers such as Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Amy Tan, Tom Robbins and Christopher Moore. These writers instilled a deep rooted respect within her and inspired her to get serious about writing. On being born to be a writer: “People always said that I would either be a teacher or a writer someday.”Β Bennett went on to become a teacher but she still continues to write her stories.

Current Work: Bennett writes books for all ages: “There is no limit to the imagination. Anyone can have one.” She admits that it is often difficult for her to write for the ‘grown ups’.Β “At a certain age we start to come to our own conclusions about things. We begin to fall prey to skepticism and logic. We search for reason and realism. We question everything. We no longer have the wonderment and the naive beliefs that we held when we were young. It is death for a writer to get caught up trying to prove everything. The magic of the story can get lost.” Even so, Bennett still insists that her work is meant for everyone to enjoy.

9 thoughts on “About Virginia

  1. Oh, you live in Canada? So do I! Sometimes it’s hard to find bloggers in Canada. πŸ™‚ Especially doll bloggers.

    ❀ Miri ❀

  2. Virginia, I have been a bit checked out the past few months, spring fever always hits me hard! I just put a bunch of things together and realized that you live in Alberta too!

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