The Trouble With Jane

Jane has an imaginary friend. The trouble is, she doesn’t know that yet. What’s worse is she believes she’s in love with him.

                The Trouble With Jane takes place somewhere on the Canadian prairie in the fictional town of Prairie River. It’s easy to forget about Jane. She isn’t head cheerleader and she wouldn’t be chosen prom queen. She has never been picked for any teams and she doesn’t get the highest or the best in anything. She is just plain, but the real trouble with Jane begins when her father leaves.  As her mother struggles as a waitress to make ends meet, young Jane learns that it is best to stay out of sight and mind. Left to her daydreams, she becomes accustomed to being alone.

Enter Liam, a young boy who is dazzling and confident, skilled at nearly everything and marvelously charming in his own right.  Unhindered in his playfulness, Liam is brilliant at make believe, forever conjuring up his own worlds and getting up to all kinds of innocent mischief.  Liam is exciting and for Jane, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the enchantment.  He becomes everything to the girl who has no one. The only question is, what could he possibly want with a plain nobody like her?

Nonetheless, she hopes that he will stay and as they grow older, she finds that it is difficult to imagine a life without him. What begins as a childhood friendship rapidly becomes an obsession as Jane begins to rely on the perfect manifestations of make believe rather than living a real life.

Then Jane meets Paul. Liar, cheat, and an easy alcoholic, Paul is the reality that falls far short of the ideal. Jane soon discovers that happily ever after isn’t going to be that simple; that fantasy is not the same as reality and that forever is a promise that is impossible to keep.

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